Apparel + Accessories

Stitch & Ink makes it easy to order custom screen-printed merchandise online. You can easily upload your design and add custom text on up to 5000 different products. Our account reps can easily be contacted through phone, email, or face to face. They are dedicated to helping clients chose the right products and navigate through the website, and order process. After your order is placed, a personal account rep will contact you by email. They will answer all your questions and keep you up to date with the status of your order.

We offer custom screen-printed t-shirts, polos, jackets, jerseys, uniforms, and bags. Our goal is to consistently offer the highest quality screen printing, the best customer service, easy online ordering, and fast production. We want to simplify our clients’ life and build long lasting relationships.


Stitch & Ink is a reputable provider of unique, high-quality custom apparel. We take high quality, blank clothing from brands you love and screen print your logo on them. We don’t just offer basic screen printing inks like plastisol and water-based. We can help you stand out from the rest with specialty inks such as, 3M reflective, glitter, metallic (foil), 3D puff, discharge, and more. If you’re interested in any specialty screen printing, give us a call! We only offer plastisol inks on our online store. If you want to spice up your merchandise with specialty inks, give us a call. A Stitch & Ink rep can help you place your order via email, phone, or face to face.


Plastisol ink sits on top the fibers of the garment instead of soaking into them. Plastisol inks are bright and can be used to match any Pantone colour.


Foil printing is a two-part process that involves printing a layer of adhesive on the garment, curing it like normal ink and heat pressing a sheet of foil onto the adhesive.


Water-based ink is a liquid ink that penetrates into the shirt fibres, giving the print a soft finish.


Discharge ink is a water-based product that is formulated to deactivate the dyes used on natural fabrics. Discharge can be used to print colors on dark garments.

3D Puff

3D Puff is a substance that we add to plastisol ink which gives the final printed design a 3D Puffy look.


Flakes of glitter are added to our textile inks to give your design a unique, shiny effect.


The Stitch and Ink Difference

Dedicated Reps

Each client account receives a dedicated Stitch & Ink rep who can be reached by phone, in person or by e-mail.

Long Lasting Relationships

We value all of our clients, big or small. We want to build long lasting & mutually beneficial relationships.

We Don’t Cookie Cut

Each project is unique and requires it‘s own special care. We take every step necessary to guarantee quality and client satisfaction.

We Stand By our Work

Our goal is to consistently provide high quality products to give you confidence that your job will come out exactly as you had imagined.
Hundreds Of Ink Colors

Ink Colours

Enhance your brand’s image with close to 2000 bright, high quality, different plastisol ink colours. When you place an order with Stitch & Ink, our design team and print team work together to make a custom plastisol ink that matches the exact same colour in your design. If you chose to change the colours in your printed logo, contact your Stitch & Ink rep as soon as possible!
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Easy To Order

Screen Printing Order Process

We believe in the power of simplicity. Stitch & Ink aims to create an ordering process that is quick, effortless and highly effective for customizing branded products. You can order directly through our online store or you can contact a Stitch & Ink rep who will walk you through each step of ordering process and help you make the right decisions. Call or email today to speak with a dedicated Stitch & Ink rep!


  • Select Garment To Print
  • Create Your Own Mockup
  • Upload Artwork File(s)
  • Submit


  • Submitted Artwork Is Reviewed By Your Rep

  • Your Artwork Is Approved Based On
    Placement and Resolution

  • Once Approved, We’ll Begin
    Printing Your Order


  • Your Order Will Be Ready For Pick-Up
    Within 3 Business Days