Maintain Outstanding Customer Service.
You never get a second chance to make a good first impression! Accessible customer
service is a pivotal tool to maintain a smooth-running business. Your goal here is to
make long-lasting impressions, which goes hand in hand with long-lasting relationships.
Aim to be reliable, authentic, trustworthy, sensible and most importantly; accessible.
Offer Your Clients A Satisfaction Guarantee.
There are doubts that inevitably come with trying something new. Put your customers at
ease with the knowledge that they’re making a sensible choice by choosing your brand
or business, considering you’ll guarantee they’ll be happy with their encounter with you!

Maintain A Dependable Online Presence. 
This is something that will benefit you greatly. Nowadays an online search of whatever
service you’re looking to receive is anticipated. This extra step could be the deal
breaker between if you’ll earn a client or not. A good website, great reviews, and
consistency are key!
Consistent Interaction.
We live in a time were a consistent interaction with your clients is one of the most
pivotal parts of a business. People are more likely to trust somebody who will go that
extra mile to give a genuine, quick and helpful response. Balancing a steady online
presence and giving your clients something to look forward to is what will make you
stand out from your competitors. Giving your clients a glance of how things work will put
them at ease and let them know that they’re in good hands. The more you share tips,
information, and advice, the more likely you are to build a solid and trusting consumer

Here are ways to lose them…

You’re Doing Too Much.
Sometimes toning it down a notch isn’t a bad thing. We ALL love a good sale or
promotion. That being said, you don’t want to overdo it to a point where you have your
consumer scratching their head wondering… “Where’s the hidden fine print here?”.
Finding a balance between value and realistic pricing. In addition to that, you don’t want
to give them too much to take in, overwhelming your clients is something you want to try
your best to avoid. The strategic way of looking at it is; Everything in moderation and
good taste!
Not Being Clear.
I can’t stress you enough on how communication between you and your client is
essential. Not being clear about information or pricing within your service can be the
small detail that makes or breaks you.

Being Generic.
Your individuality is your greatest tool! Anything automated makes people feel like just
another number to you. Your goal should be to give your consumer the most helpful one
on one service possible. Whether it is through social media, over the phone, or through
an email, you want to ensure they feel taken into consideration.
Incorrect Information.
Ensuring your client has a quick and hassle-free way to access you, or any information
they may need is something you should take seriously. Nobody wants to have to chase
anyone. When you’re making statements to your clients, make sure you can honor
them. Your credibility is what will separate you from your competition. Providing a site
that’s easy to use and ensuring convenience is your objective.
In Conclusion.
Your consumer is what keeps you going. Value and learn from them and you will grow
as a wholesome business. Our Goal here is to give you tools to better your business.
We hope to have helped your growing brand!

Till we speak again,
Stay Hungry &; Driven
Your Friends at Stich & Ink