In today’s society, social media is your best friend. It’s a great way to make yourself accessible and connect with people. A business that’s hard to get in touch with stone wall’s themselves. There are so many social media platforms that should be taken advantage of. Invest in a website; people want to research your business to get more information. A good website will engage your clients and attract them to buy. Run Ads; people who would not have had the chance to find you will see you in places like their social media news feed or at the top of Google. Have a direct line; being easily accessible will give you one up on competitors.

Pitch is KEY.
Your pitch is pivotal. You need a short and sweet pitch that gets straight to the point without beating around the bush. Sell yourself without making it drag. It’s really important not to repeat yourself, nobody wants to keep hearing the same thing repeatedly, that’s a quick way to lose interest and attention.

Networking is essential. Take those extra steps to go out there and meet new people. That’s what’ll inevitably grow your business quicker. Attend events, don’t be shy to put yourself out there and spread the word about your brand. It’s always good to see the face behind the name.

Always Be Ready
You never know what the day will bring, especially when you’re an entrepreneur. A good way to spread the word about your company is by always having a business card and a good pitch on hand. ALWAYS. You never know who you will meet, you could possibly meet a future client. Be prepared, nobody will sell your brand better than you!

Be Involved.
Don’t shy away from collaborating. People with a similar goal can build off each other. Growing isn’t always a one-man mission. Instill the help of people with the same vision as you.

Follow Up.
This should be high up on your to-do list. Nobody is going to chase you. You need to remember that this is a part of being accessible; going that extra mile for your consumer will be the reason they chose you time and time again. Checking in on your clients also gives you the chance to have a one on one conversation on how you can better your brand. You should always be looking for new ways to evolve. We live in an ever- changing world.

Keep learning, keep changing

Keep Growing!
Best of Luck
Your Friends at Stich&Ink.